Corset Wedding Dresses

Corset wedding dresses are very popular just now.  But what do we mean by "corset" and why should you consider one?  The great news is that fuller figured brides can really benefit from these wedding dresses. 

A corset is really just highly structured underwear.  They usually feature "bones", thick or elasticated material and a lace-up back.  A corset wedding dress features bones and a lace up back.  The material is usually a medium weight cotton. 

corset wedding dressesAt Beau Belles, nearly all dresses include a corseted "inner".  That is, one which features bones.  Sewn over this "inside" is the outer dress in a variety of styles.  Some of our dresses feature a lace up back but some are zipped depending on the style of the dress.

The corset bone structure inside the dress is the key.  The dress can hold it's shape as well as provide secure underwear for the bride.  Since strapless wedding dresses are also in vogue, the corset inner means the dress won't fall down and will offer some good support. 

For those wedding dresses with a lace up back there are even more benefits!  Pulling the lace in at certain parts can change your shape, giving you, for example, a great waist.  In addition, if you gain or lose weight, the lace up back provides flexibility. 

Of course, there are a couple of down sides.  First of all, you need help!  Someone has to lace you up and someone has to un-do you.  OK, I suppose the latter might add an extra and attractive element to your wedding night! 

Once you are in your corset wedding dress, you lose flexibility - in other words, you can't bend down.  Remember the old concept of chivalry where a man would pick up your dropped hanky?  Well this is why - because you can't retrieve it yourself.  But, hey, it's your day so you can have all your servants run around after you.  Why not take a stack of hankies with you and drop them just to watch them pick it up!

But beware - these are the people who have to strap you into your corset in the first place.  A word of warning, if it is too tight you will not be able to breathe.  This happened to me!  I had to have it loosened off.  This is why Victorian women supposedly fainted all the time - their corsets were too tight.

Wearing a corset can feel wonderful.  I'm not sure we would want to wear them all the time, but your wedding is the perfect time to wear one.  The unusual feeling makes it even more special.  There is a lot to be said for corset wedding dresses, especially for plus size brides.  Just remember to have lots of fun when trying them on.

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