Resources and Wedding Ideas

The Best Wedding Speech - A Structure

It all sounded great at the beginning but now you have to give your best wedding speech a shot! Yikes! How do you start? What should you include? What do you do?

Don't panic. Here is a speech outline which will work every time.  See the full wedding speech structure.

What are Wedding Anniversaries Called?

Naming wedding anniversaries started in Roman times when a man would present his wife with silver on their Silver wedding anniversary and gold on their 50th.

During the 19th Century the Victorians named many of the other anniversaries. They only named the first 10 years, followed by each 5th year and then every 10th year. Find out what these wedding anniversaries are called.

Wedding Dress Sizing Charts

What is the logic behind wedding dress sizing? How come you are a different dress size in normal clothes than you are for a wedding dress? What size should you buy?  Find out more about wedding dress sizing.






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