The Best Wedding Speech - A Structure

It all sounded great at the beginning but now you have to give your best wedding speech a shot!  Yikes!  How do you start?  What should you include?  What do you do?

Don't panic.  Here is a speech outline which will work every time.

First of all, stick to a given time limit.  7 minutes is good for a wedding speech - not too short, not too long for people to get bored. 

I recommend writing out your wedding speech then tweaking it over time.  7 minutes is approximately 2 pages of A4 - so when you write your speech and find it is longer than this, you will have a lot of editing to do!

All speeches have a beginning, middle and end.  Below is a classic structure which works every time.  It is simple and easy for your audience to follow. 


(lasts 30 seconds to 1 minute)

Put you and the subject in context - this will be different depending on who you are.  For example, how you met your new wife, what it is like being best friend / brother of the groom,  your daughter's birth.  Crack a joke - a one-off line which pokes fun at you will get the speech off to a flying start and win over your audience.


(4 - 5 minutes)

The middle section is split into 3 parts, usually on a related theme.  Each part lasts about 1½ minutes.

For the best wedding speech, this can easily consist of 3 anecdotes or stories.  For example, if you are giving the Best Man speech, it might be a funny thing that happened to you and the groom (the time you missed the last bus home), something about the Groom's character (his poor cooking skills and a disastrous cooking story), then something about when you met the "new girlfriend" (now wife!). 

If you find you have more than 3 stories - choose the best and don't be tempted to use more. 


(30 seconds - 1 minute)

End on a high note with some acknowledgement of the couple's future happiness.  What are you looking forward to? (eg, eating better food when asked round for dinner). Referring to an earlier part of the speech can help to tie it all together.  You may also need to acknowledge the good work of someone else and give a toast.

Whatever you do, make sure you spend plenty of time on preparing your speech well in advance of the wedding.  Here is some more information about your best wedding speech and how to prepare it. 




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